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Great news... you may now access the entire magazine on your Tablet, Smartphone, or PC.

To access our digital version

Visit the page
Click on the "Create new account" button. Create an account by entering a username (your email adress) and a password. Then insert the required information:

  • If you are a subscriber you will have to enter your 8 digit subscriber number (see image);
  • If you are not a subscriber you will still be able to access the Messenger of Saint Anthony for a free, one-month trial.

After sending us the required information you will receive a confirmation email which will enable you to activate the service.

Attention: your digital subscription will have the same expiration date as your hard (print) copy subscription.


The subscriber number

This is the number on the address label which accompanies the magazine. In the image it is highlighted in blue.

Digital version Messenger of Saint Anthony

Remember that access to the digital version is only possible if your internet connection is working properly. Enjoy our magazine!

Updated on October 14 2016