The Tree Branch

DEAR friends, it has been more than six months since Moscow’s troops crossed the border and began what the Kremlin leadership insists on calling a “special military operation”...

September 01 2022
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.

You Are Not Hopeless

To overcome scrupulosity we should turn our focus away from ourselves and place it on God’s unrivalled mercy and goodness

July 25 2022
Thomas Pfister

Pro-Life Consultant

Dr. Kearney is one of a small number of doctors who offers mothers Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, yet his willingness to save lives has landed him in a lot of trouble

July 04 2022
Simon Caldwell

Ruthless Tyrant

DEAR friend, the mainstream media is sadly feeding us a daily diet of terrible images of death and destruction. These are images which perhaps many of us were not used to seeing, but which have unfortunately always been common in many countries...

July 01 2022
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.

The Old Charity Shop

BRUNO, a young Italian man who has lived in London for several years, is a great lover of charity shops, or thrift shops or whatever you want to call those shops that sell things that people have given them in order to raise funds for charitable purposes...

June 01 2022
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.

​Happy Students

Through your generosity, dear readers, the people of Nyabihanga in Burundi were able to build a primary school and a brighter future for their children

September 26 2022 | by

The Forlì Revelation

The northern Italian town of Forlì is important in St. Anthony’s life, for it is there that his public ministry began

September 19 2022 | by

Liar Friend

What do you do when a friend involves you in his or her lies?

September 12 2022 | by

A New Exhibition

The exposition of four of Anthony’s artefacts brings home to us the Saint’s spirit of poverty and devotion to Christ that accompanied him to the end of his earthly life

September 05 2022 | by


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