My Bishop

2021 marks the 8th centenary of Anthony’s meeting with Francis, a crucial turn of events in the life of the Portuguese friar

June 14 2021
Paul Spilsbury

Guilt Cycle

If our experience of guilt does not point to a clear way back to healing, it isn’t guilt at all, but scruples...

June 07 2021
Dr. G. Popcak

A Flemish Painting

THERE is a painting at the National Gallery in London of which I am particularly fond. It shows Saint Anthony with his fellow friars distributing loaves of bread to the poor at the entrance of a church...

June 01 2021
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary because they allow us to teach others how to be in relationship with us

May 30 2021
Dr. G. Popcak

Sticks & Stones

I’M SURE you have seen the 1964 musical film My Fair Lady at least once. The movie depicts a poor Cockney flower-seller named Eliza who takes speech lessons from a phonetics professor so that she may pass as a lady in the high society of Edwardian London. After a few weeks of daily hard lessons, Eliza becomes so fed up with her speech teacher that she exclaims (or better sings), “Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words.”

May 01 2021
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.

Busy Housewife

Raising a family without losing your mind isn’t easy, especially if your partner doesn’t help

July 21 2021 | by

New Internat

Your generosity has helped religious Sisters build a new boarding school for neglected children in Kikwit, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

July 19 2021 | by

Good Deeds

Praying and self-discipline were important parts of the 1221 Rule for lay penitents, but they were not enough: charity was also added to this Rule

July 12 2021 | by

God & I: Stephanie Gray Connors

A successful Canadian pro-life motivational speaker describes the importance of her battle to save pre-born children, and the faith that drives her

July 05 2021 | by


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