The Messenger of Saint Anthony

The Messenger of Saint Anthony, is a magazine published by the Conventual Franciscan friars of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, Italy.  This full color, 50-page magazine provides informative articles and guidance on how to lead meaningful, Christian lives. Written from a Catholic perspective, it deals with issues such as family life, marriage, interfaith relationships, as well as the spiritual questions we all face, and it brings us the good news about how St. Anthony is more relevant than ever in our 21st century lives.

With insightful articles on a variety of topics such as pastoral counseling, church life, current affairs, spirituality, as well as delightful short stories and even a comic for your children and grandchildren, the Messenger of Saint Anthony is published 11 times a year and comes with the yearly St. Anthony Calendar.

The Messenger of Saint Anthony is read by over 600,000 people worldwide, and is published in the following editions: Italian, English, German, French and Romanian, plus two extra Italian editions: one for teenagers and the other for Italians living abroad.

Updated on September 27 2016