This Latin expression, commonly used in Italy, means “In wine lies truth,” and implies that people under the influence of alcohol always tell the truth. It would actually be more accurate to say that people under the influence of alcohol often speak their own version of the truth...

March 01 2019 | by

WELL-known journalist Julie Etchingham, on interviewing British Prime Minister Theresa May, concluded her questions with the following challenge, “What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?”

February 05 2019 | by

Perhaps some of you may remember that a few years ago I wrote in an editorial how, before entering the Conventual Franciscan order, I belonged to a group of young people called Gli Amici di San Francesco...

December 01 2017 | by

ONE OF the bloodiest tragedies of our recent past was the one that occurred in Rwanda between April and July 1994. While the world watched with almost total indifference, one million people were massacred in what became known as the Rwandan Genocide...

November 01 2017 | by

OFTEN, whenever I am accompanying the relics of Saint Anthony throughout various parts of the world, I meet worried parents who approach their beloved saint in order to obtain protection for their sons and daughters in the armed forces...

October 01 2017 | by

FRIAR Francesco, a Franciscan friar from the Basilica of St. Anthony, is a warm-hearted man who always has kind and encouraging words for anyone approaching him with their problems.

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