Discover the rewards of St. Anthony’s family

In today's world, living the way the Lord did can sometimes be challenging. Here are eight amazing benefits that will help to guide you.

Discover the rewards of St. Anthony’s family

1 - You will be a member of the international family of Saint Anthony, and enjoy the protection of the best-loved saint in the world.

2 - Every day a Mass is celebrated at the Tomb of Saint Anthony for your intentions and personal needs.

3 - Each month, you can enjoy the «Messenger of Saint Anthony» magazine including uplifting articles, spiritual guidance and much more.

4 - You will be the sponsor of important initiatives of solidarity. People in poor countries will have better lives thanks to your generosity and prayers.

5 - Our friars in the Spiritual Correspondence office will help you through difficulties and offer comfort.

6 - You can send your petition to be placed on Saint Anthony’s Tomb.

7 - Every November you will receive a splendid Saint Anthony calendar with inspiring words and pictures for each month.

8 - You can establish an immediate and direct contact with Saint Anthony’s  family through our website and our FacebookTwitter and Youtube account.

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Updated on November 14 2019