PANETTONE is a sweet Italian Christmas cake that dates back to the 15th century...

December 06 2016 | by

I FIRST became acquainted with Dr. Gianfranco Recher after one of the Masses in the Basilica, and we eventually became friends. We used to meet about once a week to talk about spirituality, but also about our work and family matters, as friends do.

November 07 2016 | by

THE NEWS of the sudden death of my dear friend and Franciscan brother Fr. Enzo Poiana, the Rector of the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, was a bolt out of the blue.

September 30 2016 | by

DEAR FRIENDS, none of us can deny that this endless trail of deadly terrorist attacks throughout the world is sending shock waves into our daily lives.

September 01 2016 | by

IN 1977 the Rector of the Seminary where I was studying gave me and other young friars the possibility of going to our mission in Ghana to help set up a small ward in a leper colony. That was a very...

May 23 2016 | by

IN 1971 I was going through a life crisis: I was unhappy with my love life, my job and, above all, my spiritual life. Something was wrong, and I didn’t know what to do.

It was in that...

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