Saint Anthony's Charities

Your generosity, dear readers, has contributed to the creation of a small clinic in a poverty-ridden corner of India

August 28 2023 | by

This year our June 13 Project is dedicated to providing quality education for deprived children in the remote village of Daldali in Assam, India; will you help them too?

June 01 2023 | by

Your generosity, dear readers, is feeding hungry people from an impoverished parish in Curicó, Chile

May 29 2023 | by

2022 may be defined as the year of communities, with our charitable organization favouring social groups and young people

March 31 2023 | by

The elderly are often abandoned in Africa, but your generosity, dear readers is making life easier for people in Saint Peter’s nursing home in Ngoma, Rwanda

March 13 2023 | by

Your generosity, dear readers, is driving a medical clinic in the town of Kitutu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

February 13 2023 | by