Saint Anthony's Charities

This year’s June 13 Project is dedicated to the construction of centre offering material and spiritual support to deprived people in Guarambaré, Paraguay

June 19 2024 | by

Your generosity, dear reader, has funded a project to provide vocational training to empower the women of Akropong, South Ghana

May 27 2024 | by

A survey of last year’s charitable activities shows that goodness always triumphs, no matter what the obstacles

April 02 2024 | by

Your generosity, dear readers, is making life easier for the students of a school in Paraguay for people with hearing difficulties

March 25 2024 | by

A generous donation from our charitable organization has rescued 65 Haitian children from malnutrition

January 29 2024 | by

An aseptic tank and safe, drinkable water are making life better at a nursery school in Masoria of Guncirè, Ethiopia

November 27 2023 | by