Saint Anthony's Charities

Your generosity has brought valuable, life-giving water to the Catholic diocese of Singida in Tanzania

September 05 2017 | by

A Catholic school in a deprived area of Caracas in Venezuela is once again able to function properly through the generosity of our readers

July 07 2017 | by

This year your generous donations can help make one Catholic martyr’s dream come to life and offer the poor of Khushpur a better life

June 13 2017 | by

Your generosity, dear readers, has made life happier for seventy parentless Christian girls in Warispura, Pakistan

May 14 2017 | by

Our charitable organisation’s 2016 balance shows increased emphasis in favour of needy communities in rural and abandoned corners of our planet

April 03 2017 | by

A grant from our charitable organisation has improved the quality of education at a Catholic primary school in Kathakinaru, India

March 07 2017 | by