Saint Anthony's Charities

This year our June 13 Project is dedicated to helping mentally-ill people lead dignified lives in Togo, Africa; would you like to help them?

June 16 2019 | by

A grant from our charitable organisation is making better food available to children living next to the municipal dump of Zaachila, in Oaxaca, Mexico

May 19 2019 | by

Children, young people, and communities in the suburbs of large metropolises and in the isolated rural areas of Africa, Asia, and Latin America were the main focus of our solidarity last year 

Article by Julia Cananzi and Mike Dean

April 18 2019 | by

On 5 September 2018 the new Centre in Khushpur, Pakistan, the focus of our June 2017 campaign, was inaugurated, the Centre is bringing to hope to the village’s beleaguered Christians

March 05 2019 | by

Your donations, dear readers, are providing much needed education to a community of mainly pygmy children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

January 14 2019 | by

A donation from our Saint’s charitable organisation has enabled a school to help a greater number of challenged children in Kenya

December 04 2018 | by