Saint Anthony's Charities

This year’s June 13 project is dedicated to helping impoverished villagers rebuild their homes in an earthquake-struck region of Ecuador; will you help them?

June 10 2018 | by

The generosity of our readers has made clean water more easily available to people in a deprived community of Cameroon

May 17 2018 | by

129 projects with a total of over €3 million reaching out to a ‘suburb’ as large as the world to help about 1 million people, most of whom are children and teenagers

April 04 2018 | by

Saint Anthony of Padua Social Centre has finally been established in Zahle, Lebanon, through your generosity, dear readers, and it is already gracing Syrian refugees living there

March 01 2018 | by

Two lots of land purchased by our readers is providing food and skills to deprived people in the southeast African country

February 09 2018 | by

The generosity of our readers has funded the construction of three green libraries in a deprived area of Mexico

January 12 2018 | by