Saint Anthony's Charities

A grant from our charitable organisation has improved the quality of education at a Catholic primary school in Kathakinaru, India

March 07 2017 | by

Ninety families in extreme poverty with approximately 450 dependent children are benefiting from a project in Rwanda funded by the readers of this magazine

February 09 2017 | by

Our readers are helping a Catholic community in Cameroon fight against Islamic fundamentalism by promoting real educational initiatives

January 07 2017 | by

We are funding a project in Haiti which is helping young people reject gang-life and live with respect and non-violence by using Capoeira, a Brazilian movement art

December 13 2016 | by

A generous contribution from the readers of this magazine has prevented the closure of a much needed hospital in a deprived area of Archidona, Ecuador

November 16 2016 | by

IN 1977 the Rector of the Seminary where I was studying gave me and other young friars the possibility of going to our mission in Ghana to help set up a small ward in a leper colony. That was a very...

May 23 2016 | by