Saint Anthony's Charities

A new future filled with hope: this is the special gift you can give to the street children of Burkina Faso as a sign of devotion to St. Anthony, whose feast we celebrate this month

June 21 2021 | by

A multipurpose sports space within the courtyard of a Catholic school in Uruguay is bringing wholesome enjoyment into a deprived neighborhood

May 23 2021 | by

Despite the economic restraints brought about by the Covid crisis; the generosity of the readers of this magazine has continued unabated even in the year of the pandemic

April 26 2021 | by

A new well is bringing life, health and joy back to an impoverished community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

March 21 2021 | by

A small grant from our Saint’s charitable organisation has enabled a small group of Indian widows to successfully restart their trade activities

February 22 2021 | by

A new school building funded by the readers of this magazine is providing new opportunities for Dalit children in Nedunthalasi, India

January 24 2021 | by