Saint Anthony's Charities

The installation of a rice cleaning machine in Nyalezou, Guinea, is an example of how simple, inexpensive projects can bring great benefits to poor communities

July 12 2020 | by

Our June 13 Project will heal the material and psychological wounds inflicted on Sri Lanka’s Christian community during last year’s Easter bombings

June 21 2020 | by

A donation from our readers is furnishing clean, life-giving water to 80 beleaguered Christian families in Bethlehem

March 15 2020 | by

The generosity of our readers has regenerated trust in the future in Macurungo, Mozambique, after a devastating cyclone had dashed all hopes of recovery

February 23 2020 | by

A multipurpose hall in Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso, is providing a venue where essential training courses benefiting the local community are taking place

January 26 2020 | by

The stare of the children when they receive their new home is just an incredible joy; this is the outcome of your generosity of last year, dear readers

December 22 2019 | by