Saint Anthony's Charities

A donation from our charitable organisation is providing physical and spiritual help to beleaguered youth in San Cristóbal, Venezuela

November 21 2022 | by

The gift of seeds and fertilizers, made by the readers of this magazine, has brought newfound benefits to the villages of Mapasingue and La Puca in Ecuador

October 24 2022 | by

Through your generosity, dear readers, the people of Nyabihanga in Burundi were able to build a primary school and a brighter future for their children

September 26 2022 | by

The suffering in Ukraine continues, yet your generosity, dear readers, is already providing some comfort to the country’s beleaguered population

June 06 2022 | by

A new dormitory at St. Lucy Mission Primary School in Olesentu, Kenya, is protecting young girls from abuse and sexual harassment

May 16 2022 | by

Your generosity, dear readers, continues unabated, and last year we reached the periphery of the peripheries, where even the smallest help is of vital significance

April 01 2022 | by