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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saint Anthonys Charities

n. 6


 1.  Fresh Bread Aroma
Friar Mario
2.  Six Contributors
Letters to the Editor
4.  Our Readers' Comments
5.  St. Anthony's Way
6.  God & I: Cathy Corcoran, OBE
10.  Last Supper Room
Saint Anthony
49.  Thank You Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony's Charities
15.  Angel's Haven
Mike Dean
Cover Feature
 12.  Lily of Purity
Madeline Pecora Nugent
Human Rights
22.  Why So Much Hate?
Ellen Teague
39.  Historic Election
Simon Caldwell
Church Life
36.  Stewards of God's Creation
Philippa Hitchen
Living Today
28.  The Power of One
Victor M. Parachin
Thought for the month
3.  The Mosque
Patrick Madrid
20.  Wrong Assumptions
David Torkington
25.  The Face of Mercy
Neil Xavier O'Donoghue
31.  The Pursuit of Truth
Michael P. Foley
35.  Do Not Be Afraid!
Daniel P. Horan, OFM
 32.  Why We Believe
Peter Kavanagh
Why We Believe
John and Rebecca Jackson, founders and directors of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, have dedicated their lives to researching Christianity’s most enigmatic linen cloth
42.  A Saint for Europe
Gerard Condon
Lessons of life
18.  Gina's Dream
Pastoral Counselling
 9.  Points of View
Richard Riccioli, OFM Conv.
Points of View
A woman has an excessive love for animals and a teenager is leaving the Catholic Church
Short Story
44.  The Crowning Blow
Judie Gulley
Messenger Junior
46.  My Favourite Saint
Friar Martin’s Page
48.  Snippets from the world's best-known living friar

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