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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saint Anthonys Charities 2014 Project
Casa del Pellegrino
Saint Anthonys Charities

n. 3


 1.  Where Are You Going?
Friar Mario
2.  Six Contributors
Letters to the Editor
4.  Our Readers' Comments
5.  St. Anthony in Florida
6.  God & I: Glenn C.J. Byer
Mario Conte, OFM Conv.
10.  Garden of Prayer
Jude Winkler, OFM Conv.
Saint Anthony
 12.  Reconciliation Time
Madeline Pecora Nugent
49.  Thank You Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony's Charities
14.  Building the Future
Mike Dean
Cover Feature
 16.  The Greatest Love
Philippa Hitchen
The Greatest Love
Pope Francis will be paying homage to the Holy Shroud, which will be on display in Turin from April 19 to June 24; our journalist interviews the scientific director of the Relicís Museum
Human Rights
25.  A Good Flogging?
Ellen Teague
Church Life
22.  Losing Ground
Peter Kavanagh
28.  Dogs Go To Heaven?
Michael McVeigh
40.  A Rich Crusader
Anthony Barich
Living Today
30.  Be A Good Example
Victor M. Parachin
Thought for the month
3.  Gate B-32
Patrick Madrid
20.  Energy Management
David Torkington
33.  Spring Training
Michael P. Foley
37.  Cheap & Costly Grace
Daniel P. Horan, OFM
42.  Foster Father
Neil Xavier O'Donoghue
34.  Time To Walk!
Sarah Mac Donald
Lessons of life
38.  Thea's Song
Josephine Siedlecka
Pastoral Counselling
 9.  Daddy Cool
Richard Riccioli, OFM Conv.
Daddy Cool
One parent is quarrelling with his separated wife, another has depression symptoms
Short Story
44.  Special Talents
Judie Gulley
Messenger Junior
46.  Goodbye Winter!
Marco Roveroni
Friar Martinís Page
48.  Snippets from the world's best-known living friar

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