The Church here on earth is like an inn where wayfarers returning to their eternal homeland are refreshed…

July 20 2019 | by

A closer look at our Saint’s sermons reveals that unfortunately there is nothing new under the sun

November 07 2018 | by

There are many similarities between secular mindfulness and Christian contemplative practices

October 03 2018 | by

Our author reveals the last moving moments of Padre Pio’s earthly life from the first-hand account of two people who were with him right to the very end  

September 05 2018 | by

God, the ultimate loving parent, came in the person of Jesus to redeem us, rule breaking children, and enable us to get to heaven

May 16 2018 | by

The amethyst, the snake and the eagle are morally connected to each other in St Anthony’s spiritual imagery

April 03 2018 | by