Anthony tells us that people need to know that God is calling them to conversion; they need no one’s permission, for God is waiting for them

November 28 2022 | by

According to Saint Anthony, worms are not such despicable creatures after all; here’s why

April 25 2022 | by

In the month of St. Valentine, let us remember that God grants us a reward that is more lasting than a paper card of hearts

February 21 2022 | by

What is the best way to prepare oneself for the birth of our Lord? Anthony gives a precise answer in volume 4 of his Sermons

December 15 2019 | by

The Church here on earth is like an inn where wayfarers returning to their eternal homeland are refreshed…

July 20 2019 | by

A closer look at our Saint’s sermons reveals that unfortunately there is nothing new under the sun

November 07 2018 | by