The book on St. Anthony's miracles

by Vergilio Gamboso

The book on St. Anthony's miraclesEditorial ReviewsThe Book of Miracles is a large collection of prodigious deeds, attributed to the Saint of Padua, written by Arnaldo de Serranno after the middle of the fourteenth century. It is actually an abstract, an undoubtedly significant part of Serranno's most famous work: The Chronicle of the XXIV Generals (referring to the first superior Generals of the Friars Minor, or Franciscans), a veritable mine of information about the deeds and characters of the first century of the Minorite Order.
The Book of Miracles had remarkable and widespread renown, in various ways inspiring the large number of artists who have sung the praises of Saint Anthony throughout the centuries. As for the wonders recounted, let us remember the prudent warning of the devoted and competent editor of this Italian edition: «May the reader not forget that they are encountering a human and religious sensibility most distant from our own, and in certain ways irreconcilable. Although the times and culture may have changed considerably, the book still retains the charm of poetry and truth, as it happens with The Little Flowers of Saint Francis».

Vergilio Gamboso

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