The Holy Scriptures, in Saint Anthony’s theological studies, provide the example we should all follow in our daily lives in order to truly know Christ

May 22 2023 | by

In the third part of his biography of our dear Saint, the author describes the childhood and early youth of Anthony in his birthplace, Lisbon

March 20 2023 | by

With this issue we begin a new biography of our dear Saint, which is the result of many years of research by a great German Franciscan scholar

January 23 2023 | by

Who but Saint Anthony could open hearts to conversion by referring to woodworms, dung beetles, spiders, and wax moths?

May 30 2022 | by

Anthony’s advice centered not on how to fast, which was common knowledge, but on the spirit that should accompany fasting and abstinence

April 19 2021 | by

EVER since Adam and Eve “sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves” (Genesis 3:7), clothing has enthralled humanity. Down through the centuries, and in every culture, social status dictated clothing choices.

March 14 2021 | by