Trying to differentiate between fake news and truth in the moral realm is easier for those who follow Jesus...

July 03 2018 | by

Do you want to have all of God? Then give him all of yourself and you will have all of him with all of yourself as well

March 03 2018 | by

Besides being a representation of the first Christmas night a Nativity set should also incite reflection on Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection

December 05 2017 | by

There is a marvelous parallelism between the processes of pregnancy and conversion; our Saint explains

November 05 2017 | by

We all receive annunciations in life; whether they are good or bad we should always seek guidance from God and reliable people about them

March 05 2017 | by

AT THE BEGINNING of each New Year, we naturally think about the future. However, in these highly uncertain times, it is all too easy to be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety for our future and that of...

December 23 2015 | by


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