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An interview with Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit brother who is the current director of the Vatican Observatory, founded in 1891

February 06 2023 | by

In Salamanca, Spain, an exhibition is being held whose centrepiece is an exact 3D reconstruction of the body of Christ as revealed from the Shroud

January 09 2023 | by

In order to fully celebrate Christ’s birth the Church has connected with it certain days that shape the season and heighten Christmas joy

December 05 2022 | by

A British Catholic author discusses her writings and social activism, and the faith that drives her

November 07 2022 | by

Anchored in Jesuit and Benedictine spirituality Baroness Sheila Hollins is a powerful example of how a Christian woman can live her faith both in the professional and private life

October 03 2022 | by

The exposition of four of Anthony’s artefacts brings home to us the Saint’s spirit of poverty and devotion to Christ that accompanied him to the end of his earthly life

September 05 2022 | by