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Rather than seeing women as possessions, temptresses or household drudges, our Saint considered each woman unique and a valuable creation of God

June 09 2018 | by

The Anglo-American investment banker and philanthropist talks about God, time, talent and treasure

May 14 2018 | by

The famous scholar, essayist and papal biographer has more than a few insights to share with our editor

April 02 2018 | by

Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols has written a practical guide on staying hopeful in face of the world’s problems; perhaps the legacy of his own thought

March 05 2018 | by

While it’s great to enjoy the Olympic Games, there are actually some very important lessons that everyone can learn from the lives and achievements of Olympians

February 10 2018 | by

The Rector of the Basilica of St. Anthony discusses the challenges of being a Franciscan friar at the helm of one of the world’s most famous shrines

January 04 2018 | by