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The director of a celebrated film on St Anthony talks with our editor about his Catholic faith and his latest film on St Leopold Mandić

January 12 2020 | by

Christmas presents to us the birth of the Savior as the light which pierces and dispels the deepest darkness

December 24 2019 | by

Religious persecution is increasing throughout the world, with Christianity being the most targeted faith not only in Asia and Africa, but even in Western countries...

November 24 2019 | by

An Australian Liberal MP discusses his political convictions and the faith that drives him

October 06 2019 | by

A British-born computer whiz who died from leukaemia aged 15 is being considered for canonisation – as patron saint of the internet

September 14 2019 | by

A renowned Catholic master-voice teacher, singer and songwriter discusses her vocation and life with our director

July 06 2019 | by