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This month Fr. Mario talks with one of the most popular Catholic novelists and painters of our times

March 07 2021 | by

Daniel Mitsui is an American painter of Japanese and Polish origins whose works raise our mind, soul and spirit towards God

February 07 2021 | by

The Three Kings were among the first to worship Jesus, yet what is the situation with Christians in Iraq and Iran, their probable places of origin?

January 03 2021 | by

An interview with Jeremy McLellan, an American Catholic comedian who has learned how to tip-toe skilfully between taboos while remaining funny

November 02 2020 | by

An exclusive interview with the mother of Carlo Acutis, the teenage web-evangeliser who will become one of the Church’s youngest saints this month

October 10 2020 | by

The Sahel region in Africa faces a campaign by Islamist militants that is increasingly targeting Christian communities in the area

September 27 2020 | by