OFTEN, whenever I am accompanying the relics of Saint Anthony throughout various parts of the world, I meet worried parents who approach their beloved saint in order to obtain protection for their sons and daughters in the armed forces...

October 01 2017 | by

FRIAR Francesco, a Franciscan friar from the Basilica of St. Anthony, is a warm-hearted man who always has kind and encouraging words for anyone approaching him with their problems.

September 01 2017 | by

WHEN I was a silly young boy in junior high, I used to have a half hour trip on foot to school...

July 01 2017 | by

THE ALPINI are a branch of the Italian army specialized in mountain operations, and since 1920 they have been organizing an annual national reunion of all those who have belonged to the corps...

June 09 2017 | by

ONE BEAUTIFUL sunny day in May I decided to go hiking on Mount Grappa, a magnificent mountain located on the Venetian Prealps about 23 miles north of Padua...

May 11 2017 | by

LAST FEBRUARY I took two relics of St. Anthony to the diocese of Austin in Texas. I like these events because they allow me to meet innumerable devotees of our Saint, people who see me as the Saint’s travelling companion.

April 01 2017 | by