Remember Jesus’ parable about separating the sheep from the goats? Anthony and Francis became sheep by following different paths

July 05 2020 | by

Anthony was more educated than Francis, but both received their learning from prayer and contemplation, their teacher being the Holy Spirit

June 14 2020 | by

Both Anthony and Francis did not shy away from martyrdom, and both evaded it through Divine Providence

February 16 2020 | by

IN 1181, at a time when the Church was going through one of its most difficult periods in its history, a sun was born: St Francis of Assisi. He was a sun of such strength that in only a few years he had gathered around himself an army of young men ready to give their own lives in the service of God and neighbor: the Friars Minor...

January 07 2020 | by

Our Saint uses the expression ‘middle-earth’ in his sermons, a term he may have derived from Nordic mythology

October 20 2019 | by

Ever since Eve ate the forbidden fruit, seven capital sins have plagued humanity; Anthony, however, consolidates the seven into three

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